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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Will my insurance coverage cover the cost of windshield replacement?

A. Yes if you have full comprehensive coverage. Your comprehensive deductible is the only out of pocket expense. Often times we can cover all or part or your deductible.

Q. Will windshield replacement affect my insurance rates?

A. Comprehensive claims are caused by circumstances out of your control and typically do not affect your insurance rate.

Q. How long does it take to replace my windshield?

A. It will take approximately 1 hour. To ensure proper curing for the urethane seal, we recommend you do not drive for 2-3 hours. Your technician will provide you with the best estimate of a safe drive-away time based on humidity, temperature and type of urethane used.

Q. Can you replace my windshield or auto glass when it is raining or snowing?

A. Yes, We are 100% Mobile Service, we require a carport, garage, parking garage, etc. as long as the adhesive and the glass are dry at the time of installation.

Q. Why is a cracked or improperly installed windshield dangerous?

A. The windshield prevents passengers from being ejected during a front collision. Your windshield is an important barrier and a cracked or poorly installed windshield can fail during a collision or roll over allowing passengers to be ejected. Your windshield acts as a backstop for the passenger side airbag. A cracked or poorly installed windshield lacks the structural integrity necessary to absorb the force of a deployed airbag. Your windshield is also part of the roof support in the event the car flips over. A cracked or improperly installed windshield may fail to support the roof under these conditions.

Q. Does Affordable Auto Glass handle the insurance paperwork for me?

A. Yes. We work with all insurance companies. In some instances, we can file the claim for you. In others, your participation is required. In these instances, we will walk you through the claims process to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Q. What is the Lifetime Warranty?

A. Your windshield replacement is warranted in normal use against leaks or installation as long as you own the car.

Q. What is NOT covered under Warranty?

A. Leakage or damage caused by pre-existing damage to the window frame or pre-existing rust on the window frame. Also, damage caused to your windshield by impact with foreign objects (rocks, etc.), vandalism, theft, accidents, or reckless conduct resulting in a broken windshield.